Youth Affairs Office

Services and Functions

In accordance with Section 24 (d) of Republic Act 10742, the Youth Affairs Office shall register and verify all youth and youth-serving organizations (Subject to the revitalized Youth Organizations’ Registration Program (YORP) guidelines).

Provide technical assistance to the Local Youth Development Council (LYDC) of the City in the formulation of the Local Youth Development Plan.

Facilitate the election of the Local Youth Development Council (LYDC) representatives.

Conduct the mandatory and continuing training of Sangguniang Kabataan officials and Local Youth Development Council (LYDC), in accordance with the programs jointly designed and implemented by the Commission and the Department of the Interior and Local Government.

Provide technical, logistical and other support in the conduct of the mandatory and continuing training programs, and to such other programs of the National Youth Commission and DILG.

Coordinate with the National Youth Commission, with regard to the youth programs.

Perform such other functions as may be prescribed by law, ordinance, or as the Local Chief Executive, the Department of the Interior and Local Government or the National Youth Commission may require.

Frontline Services

Local Youth Organization Registration Program (LYORP)

Issuance of BidaKard

For more information of our services please download our Citizen's Charter:
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To capacitate the children and youth in our community and provide services that include training programs, competitions, exhibits and forums, advancement training, camps, and other youth-development-related programs.


To assist the youth and youth-serving organizations in achieving their goals, including their social and personal development, to develop their nation-building and economic advancement, and to ensure compliance and support to the Philippine Youth Development Plan.

Mr. Jericho F. Reyes
Officer In Charge
Administrative Officer IV