Gender And Development Unit

Services and Functions:
1. Lead the implementation of the Gender and Development Code of the City of Imus;
2. Serves as the secretariat of the GAD Focal Point System (GFPS);
3. Assists the GFPS in the preparation of the LGU’s GAD Plan and Budget (GPB) and GAD Accomplishment Report (GAD AR);
4. Coordinates with the departments and units of the LGU on the implementation of GAD policies, programs, activities and projects (PAPs);
5. Leads in ensuring the collection of accurate sex and age-disaggregated data across sectors and in developing qualitative and quantitative indicators to facilitate the assessment of the City’s performance in mainstreaming gender and in addressing related concerns;
6. Coordinates and/or organizes the conduct of GAD advocacy campaigns and capacity building activities;
7. Initiates and monitors continuing advocacy to promote women’s economic, social, and political empowerment and provides technical assistance in setting up and strengthening of mechanism on gender mainstreaming;
8. Coordinates the preparation, assessment, and updating of the City of Imus Development Plan for Women and ensures its implementation at all levels as well as the gender-responsiveness in local development programs;
9. Assists the GFPS in monitoring the status and assessing the results of GAD policies and PAPs;
10. Ensures the continuous conduct of gender-sensitivity education and training by establishing standards of course contents for the guidance of the LGU and private organizations;
11. Sustains and strengthens the public information dissemination on gender and related concerns;
12. Assists and strengthens linkages in the identification and mobilization of resources and in building up the referral system for women; and
13. Assists in the preparation of reportorial requirements on GAD.

For more information of our services please download our Citizen's Charter:
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To be the primary office successfully influencing the City Government of Imus in its development efforts in attaining gender empowerment and gender- equal society under a fully gender-responsive local government.


To initiate and adopt sustainable and efficient gender-inclusive programs, projects, activities and services to promote and uphold gender equality and women empowerment.

Ms. Marie Jenneth Vilbar-Lungcay
City GAD Focal Person