City Veterinary Services Office

The office protects the public from contracting animal diseases. It is also tasked to regulate domestic animals, improving quality of livestock and domesticated animals, monitoring the operation of slaughterhouses and locally registered dressing plants and to protect public health by ensuring that commercial meat and meat products are fit for human consumption. The office is also tasked to monitor events and situations involving veterinary matters.

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To ensure that every animal is afforded with veterinary services comparable to the best there is; that every produce we take from food producing animal is reared and bred at the highest standard of animal industry; that every animal product we consume is produced in hygienic and sanitary manner with competitive advantage to the rest of the country; and that every community is afforded and efficiently the highest standard of veterinary services possible with honesty, integrity and sincerely.


Provision of Veterinary related services for the improvement of animal welfare and public awareness on responsible pet ownership and to have a sustainably increasing livestock production that will contribute to the Food Security Program of the City of Imus

Dr. Maribel Depayso, DVM
City Veterinarian Officer
City Veterinarian I