City of Imus Traffic Management Unit

Redemption of Driver’s License or Vehicle Plate

Redemption of Impounded Vehicle

Motorcycle Escorts and/or Traffic Manpower Assistance

Towing Service/s

Issuance of Traffic Clearance

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In the years ahead we will rebuild a traffic management unit that is transparent, beyond reproach and with a passion for providing the highest quality of traffic to attain a smooth traffic flow and minimize traffic-related accidents.


To gain trust and respect of the motorists and the riding public throught the strict enforcement of the various traffic laws and in the process instill discipline and order in the streets of the City of Imus.

We will promote an efficient organization that is responsive, transparent and always cognizant of the sentiments of the community.

Finally, we will strive to empower our employees so that their objectives and directions in their work will be aligned with that of the city goverment.

CG Commo Joey Damaso D. Velarde (Ret)
City of Imus Traffic Management Officer